A magical ENGAGEMENT session at Ocean Beach!

As the sun set below the horizon, casting warm tones of orange and pink across the sky, we embarked on an enchanting engagement session at Ocean Beach in Hawkes' Bay. We were so lucky to be treated with so many light variations – a dream for me! With cloud, harsh sun, sunset

and even a breath-taking rainbow, which helped me deliver an diverse gallery

with different light and scenes.

Katie & Ngarangi, took the time to relax and get used to the camera, embracing the atmosphere as if on a casual date. They had fun on the beach as they enjoyed walks, playful games, and impromptu dances. It was a special time out of the usual life routine to create some memories.

Here's to more Ocean Beach sunsets, more rainbows, and more evenings filled with love & laughter!

AND bring on the December Wedding – I am so excited!