Let me start out by saying that your shoot is going to be an awesome adventure! Most of the time, the first 10 minutes of any photoshoot can feel a little awkward until everyone can relax into it and feel confident in front of the camera. Capturing these memories will be so worth it and I will help you guys do this!


It's not about the photos, it's about the two of you having a little adventure together and hanging out, while I banter with you two and kind of secretly take cute photos of you that you don't even know are happening! You won't be asked to look at the camera all the time and I'm really not that scary!

Whether you're a quiet person or a big loud extrovert, the experience is going to reflect you and your personality and relationship. BUT don't worry, if you don't know what to do in front of the camera, that's ok - I'll give you plenty of instructions and prompts to get your laughing and being natural! Think of it like heading to the lake or beach for a picnic with a third wheel. You can even bring your favourite picnic blanket, your furbaby and some snacks!

There is no right way to be in front of the camera, If I ask you to do something - just do you - how you normally would! This way you get authentic photos that represent you and they are always the best.


Trust me - don’t feel awkward because no one is judging you. I am there to capture the love between you all that is already there and ensure that you feel comfortable.

If you are goofy, or do something embarrassing, it will never leave that session. AND that can often make the best relaxed photos!

This session is about you guys - walking down a gorgeous path or talking & holding each other - while I stand in the background to capture the moments.

Don’t be afraid to feel like a kid again and just have some fun, e.g tickle, snuggle, or even dance with each other.

My lips are sealed. Your trust is the most important part. If you trust me, I won’t let you down.


Deciding what to wear can be tricky, but a little bit of effort can really help you love your final gallery.

The most important thing is to be you and to be comfortable.

Decide on what shoes to wear by thinking of what is suitable for the location, no one wants a sprained ankle! Some times maybe jandals or bare-feet is best! What ever will make sure you are comfortable and able to have fun!

Beautiful colours create beautiful images!

Choose your colours! Colours are a great way to pick tones for what to wear. You'll know by looking at these what ones you are most attracted too, and then you simply choose outfits that match or are similar to these!

You cant go wrong with neutrals and earthy tones. These colours compliment the outdoors and look amazing printed too.


Dress for the occasion! Consider the season, time of day and temperature to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed.

Bring a couple of outfits if you like, so that we can be more creative, and get a little dirty if the moment arises.

It's always a great idea to bring a towel and change of clothes for the drive home, especially for a beach or lake session.

Pick fabrics that move and flow with you. Ones that add a cosy texture, or get picked up by the wind, filter the late afternoon sun, and glow in the morning light. Natural fibres like linen, cotton, or wool are amazing.

If you feel like getting a little glammed up, there’s absolutely no reason not to get your hair and makeup done. Just try to keep it as natural as possible, for a timeless relaxed look. Check your nail-polish - you can't un-see chipped nails!

Try to avoid clothing with logos, busy patterns, and bright/bold colours as sometimes these can be quite distracting.

Avoid matching & blending together - we don't want you to look like a blob. A variety of textures and colours that complement each other are amazing (but are not matching!) Avoid black all-together if you can!

Hats, sunglasses, socks, and jackets are a great way to jazz up your accessory game. Throw some fun extras into your bag but avoid large distracting pieces. Best to leave the watch at home unless it is sentimental.

If you want to incorporate pets, an instrument, surfboards, an umbrella, bike, or even a beer let me know!


If you have time the day before the shoot, get all of your things ready (and ironed) and put them in the car! Try to have some time to chill & unwind together before your session.

Give yourself lots of time to get to the location so you don’t feel frazzled.

I love to shoot when the sun is low in the sky (just before sunset or just after sunrise) because the kind of natural light that fills the sky at this time makes everything look magical. The light does not wait for us at a sunset session - don't be late and miss the sunset!


They are part of the family, after all! If you’re arriving with your a four-legged-friend in tow, here are some things to consider first:

  • Make sure the location that we’ve chosen is dog-friendly. If shooting at Backpaddock Lakes the dog must be on a leash at all times.
  • Remember It may be impossible for the dog to pose for a photo! Keep those expectations low!
  • Brush up on some commands and tricks to make sure they’re not pissing on anyone’s leg or muddying anyone’s white pants during the shoot.
  • Make sure they’ve had lots of outdoor exercise beforehand so that they’re calm and attentive when it’s go-time. Keep them away from the photographer/camera!
  • Pack treats and toys, and a lint roller.


Your photos should reflect you two as a couple so let's pick a location that suits you guys as a couple! Whether you want a mountain, a beach, the lake or even a forest or even your favourite cafe, let's plan a location that's super special and looks super cool for you guys!